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FOREST MONITORING powered by Earth Observing Systems, is a powerful and easy-to-use Forest management Cloud-based platform that assists forestry stakeholders and decision makers to have real time data analytics for better data driven decision making.

agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring


  • Remote precision monitoring and evaluation across regions and within single stands

  • Forest fire monitoring based on NASA FIRMS abnormally high temperature alert technology

  • Deforestation satellite monitoring within forest stands and on a regional scale

  • Monitor moisture content in plants and reduce risks of tree diseases and forest fire hazard with the Water Stress reports


Weather Archive & Forecast

  • Enhanced forestry operations planning based on a reliable weather forecast within an area of 9 by 9 km

  • Make better-informed decisions and study weather trends in your area of interest with historical weather data available since 2008

  • Find the correlation between weather trends and forest growth based on the sum of active temperatures for a selected period

  • Predict forest fire hazard situations based on historical weather data, such as accumulated precipitation and temperature trends

Dashboard Mang.

  • Carry out change monitoring for as many forest stands as you like

  • Analyze changes within your forest stands - monthly, quarterly, yearly - in downloadable .pdf and .xls reports

  • Bring forest fire management on a new level with the timely high temperature alert system

  • Adjust notifications to your specific needs and stay aware of any changes in forest productivity, water stress, and other parameters


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