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CROP MONITORING powered by Earth Observing Systems, is a powerful and easy-to-use farm management Cloud-based platform that assists agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain. Our extensive suite of planning, management, accounting, inventory, and advance analytics can help you in running a thriving agribusiness.

agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring

Save Time . Reduce Cost . Improve Yields

Keep ahead of the game with digital farm management

agrvision Crop Monitoring

Yield Ai Prediction

Improve your crop production management strategies by estimating how much yield you can get from any crop for an upcoming season based on historical data trends.

  • Accuracy of estimates over 90%

  • Yield prediction on any scale: field, region, country

  • We can narrow down yield prediction to a single crop type

  • Multi-level algorithm based on 10 different sources of data

Field Monitoring

Monitor crop health in near real-time based on data retrieved from satellite imagery and vegetation indices dynamics.

  • Easy-to-read maps

  • Data-driven decisions

  • AI cloud mask

  • Vegetation indices

  • Field leaderboard

agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring


Our platform calculates vegetation indices to create maps showing variations in vegetation and productivity across any given field. Use these maps to enhance variable rate application of seeds & fertilizers, reduce input costs and improve yields.

  • Productivity maps

  • Vegetation maps

  • Prescription maps

  • Compatibility with top manufacturers equipment

Scouting on Web & Mobile

Identify issues precisely and send scouts directly to the area, monitor the workflow in a shared account, receive a detailed report with attached photos, and benefit from the available offline mode. The mobile app is the ideal tool to scout in the fields.

  • On-field changes notifications

  • Precise problem area detection

  • Downloadable scout reports

  • Mobile app to assist scouts

agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring

Advanced Weather Analytics

Discover previously unseen climate patterns by accessing weather data archive going back to 2008 and make better-informed decisions based on a 14-day forecast.

  • Historical weather data archive

  • Reliable 14-day weather forecast

  • Weather risk assessment

Field Activity Log

Manage activities across all your fields in one screen where every task is assigned to a specific field, has a status of completion and a short description.

  • Easy-to-handle activity organizer and planner

  • Automated activity cost estimation

  • Analysis of costs, deviations from schedule, and more

  • Machinery and equipment allocation

agrvision Crop Monitoring
agrvision Crop Monitoring

ROI up to $43 / acre for 87% of Crop Monitoring farmers, according to our stats


$1.17 / ACRE

Thanks to improved accuracy of planning based on reliable weather forecasts


$26.9 / ACRE

By reducing costs on planting & fertilizing with VRA maps


$9.8 / ACRE

Thanks to early crop stress detection


$4.3 / ACRE

With easy-to-use mobile scouting app backed by satellite imagery data

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