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Using advanced data analytics algorithms, powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision customized models and tools, to analyze all big data we are collecting from multiple data sources to help farmers, forestry professionals, agriculture institutions and NGOs have useful insights and predictive analytics for a better data-driven in-field decision making delivered through our customized convenient easy-to-use digital channels.

Farming Leafy Greens


  • Keep track of crop productivity throughout the whole vegetation season and get a complex crop performance report

  • Make a reliable field activity plan with advanced weather analytics (historical weather, current weather, a 14-day weather forecast for your field).

  • Enhance crop risks detection: identify weeds, insect pests, or diseases in a timely manner

  • Improve soil productivity with differential applications of key nutrients - fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides

  • Task your scouts with the most urgent issues sending them directly to “hot spots”

  • Precisely estimate the time when the crop is ready to be harvested with our automatic stages of plant growth models

Checking Lettuce Growth


  • Stay in touch with your scouts and get the latest updates in near real-time thanks to specifically designed team accounts.

  • Take advantage of our focused mobile app allowing you to detect issues, add photos, add threats, and share reports with co-op members, while still on the field.

  • Automatically detect problem areas with an unprecedented precision regardless of the field size, make faster and better-informed decisions a

  • Get crucial crop rotation data for every field within your co-operative to elaborate the most effective field treatment strategy.

  • Mitigate bad weather consequences with advanced weather risks analytics.

Farm Fields


  • Reveal the climate patterns and predict the risks for the area, based on advanced weather history.

  • Enhance the clients’ credibility with objective indices (NDVI, NDRE, LAI, rainfall, drought).

  • Track the performance of the selected fields throughout the vegetation season to assess risks in advance.

  • Predict field productivity better with 250 x 250m resolution soil moisture monitoring.

  • Settle the damage assessment claims quickly and qualitatively using satellite data.

  • Mitigate risks together with the client due to timely automated alerts.



  • Successfully cooperate with other precision farming decision-makers (farmers, insurers, traders) by sharing one platform that suits every player’s needs and track trends.

  • Monitor crop performance all year round, estimate the amount of supplies necessary for efficient crop production for the upcoming season and adjust capacity to meet market’s demand.

  • Develop a sales strategy tailored to the real needs of clients based on reliable feedback collected on our digital platform.

  • Ensure more sustainable farming by complying with zero-deforestation commitments.

Accountant at Work


  • Stay updated on both natural and man-made risks (waterlogging, poor drainage, pests impact, inappropriate sowing, etc.).

  • Scout a large area with satellite monitoring, thus considerably saving time and resources on ground data collecting.

  • Analyze field performance to accurately identify field zones for Variable Rate Seeding.

  • Manage fields of your clients anywhere anytime taking advantage of remote field monitoring.

  • Get reports on the crop performance and rotation data available since 2016.

  • Access historical weather data archive going back to 2008.

Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen


  • Validate loan applications based on history of the field's productivity, temperatures, precipitation, and other data.

  • Allocate your investments based on objective agriculture data for the whole regions available on our precision agriculture software.

  • Monitor fields of your clients to manage risks and estimate potential repayments using our precision agriculture platform.

  • We also offer our precision farming platform as a white label solution under your own brand name, logo, domain name, and with a wide variety of customizable features.



  • Increase sales with reliable actionable insights from fields data

  • Create customer loyalty by providing them with a transparent data source

  • Stay updated on any malfunctions, weather risks, and deviations in biomass using a convenient notification system

  • Develop a fertilization strategy thanks to hyper-personalized recommendations based on field-level actionable data.

  • Monitor and manage everything in one place: customer's fields, weather data, technological operations, and more.

Agriculture Drone


  • Monitor crop production and predict yield on a regional/national scale.

  • Create better food security strategies.

  • Access crop rotation data to manage land use.

  • Monitor harvesting thanks to our innovative algorithms.

  • Take inventories of rural agricultural land.

  • Ensure compliance to all proper regulations by farmers

Checking the Crops


  • Remote micro-plots monitoring based on satellite data

  • More accurate micro-plot statistics

  • Analyze the growth of plants

  • Monitor the input efficiency

  • Real time crop monitoring for better data driven decisions

  • Yield predictions for better analysis

Farming Leafy Greens


  • Generate valuable insights into global agriculture trends based on the data available on our agro platform.

  • Optimize report generation thanks to our custom & regular algorithms, based on reliable historical and ongoing data.

  • Understand crop production trends and predict yields thanks to our historical data archive.

  • Improve your yield forecasting models on a country-wide scale using satellite data and share generated predictions with agro communities

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