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A Unified advance agriculture data collection and analytics Platform , powered by Ai, ML and advance analytics for better Smart data driven Agriculture crops and forests monitoring , delivered through our customized convenient easy-to-use digital channels.

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A passionate team of data scientists, software engineers, agricultural technology, and agronomy experts/consultants . Working together to provide end to end digitalize advance solutions to the agriculture and forestry market .

Agrvision in-depth knowledge of digital technologies with more than 15+ years domain expertise enables us to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective smart agri-tech solutions.


We provide a comprehensive, highly scalable agri-tech data-powered solutions that accurately collects and processes remotely sensed data, performs advanced analytics, and quickly visualizes and surfaces actionable insights .


Our solution is flexible and has been adapted to the specific information needs and operational constraints of some of the most challenging data problems in agriculture.


Collection Services

We provide a wide variety of data collection technologies starting from , Satellite imagery , Specialized Drones for agriculture , Smart IOT sensors like Soil Moisture , Water Flow Meter ,Insect Detection ...etc. 

to help our clients collect the right data they are looking for.


Analytics Services

Using advance data analytics algorithms, powered by machine learning ,artificial intelligence and computer vision customized models and tools, to analyze all big data we are collecting from multiple data sources


Driven Services

We provide useful insights and predictive analytics about plant health , soil conditions , crop performance , water level , forestry monitoring  , weather conditions , and climate change effects  for a better data driven in-field decision making delivered through our customized convenient easy-to-use digital channels.

Why Agrvision Precision Agriculture ?

Any Data Source

Our solutions works with wide variety of data collection units such as satellite imagery , smart IOT sensors , Agriculture drones. 

Increased Production

The optimization of all the
processes related to agriculture activities
increases production rates

Human Expertise

Our algorithms are developed by using customer data from thousands of fields. Knowledge base is trained by experts to make sure the users get reliable results for their data.

Reduced Costs

Reducing the use of resources and fertilizers in addition to water savings implies in energy costs

Better Quality

Analyzing the quality of the
product makes applied adjusts possible to increase subsequent production quality

Better sustainability

Saving resources like irrigation water and getting maximum benefit from the land reduce the impact on the environment

Agrvision Farm Management


Next-gen Farm
Management Platform

Crop Monitoring by EOS is a powerful and easy-to-use precision Agriculture and farm management platform that assists agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain. 


With IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technology offerings, Crop Monitoring can easily streamline your agriculture management efforts by providing accurate insights into various parameters, to helps you to always make data-driven agribusiness decisions.

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Optimize forestry operations and Reduce Risks 

Forest Monitoring By EOS, is an interactive real time smart platform to Produce high-quality, reliable data on forests to achieve long-term observations and measurements, which are used to guide and adapt  decision makers  strategies.

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